Donna Corson:  Owner/Founder
Distribution and Publisher Relations

Donna Corson, President and Founder of TDN, has over 25 years of experience in the computer industry. Prior to founding TDN in 1988, she co-owned, operated and managed several of the first retail computer stores in California and Washington. Donna has a solid foundation of sales and marketing, as well as extensive personal contacts in the industry.

TDN has been the lead North American sales team for several well known companies who needed to introduce their products into North American retail and distribution, including Skullcandy, MGI, Micrografx, Smith Micro, Palo Alto Software, Creative Labs, and Sonic Foundry’s (now Sony) Sound Forge.

Donna has also helped successfully launch hundreds of products, including first-to-market technologies such as the first sound cards for PC’s, the first voice recognition and text-to-speech products, the first Internet telephony products for MAC and PC’s, the first PC based bio-metric software, the first business planning software and many more.

Over the last 25 years, TDN has literally sold millions of units in the North American channel!

Donna has also provided business and sales consulting for numerous corporations including Honda Corporation, Security Pacific Bank, the J. Paul Getty Center and the Veterans Administration.

Donna earned her B.S. degree from Eastern Washington University. Her graduate studies at the University of Utah specialized in Business Communications and Human Relations.

Donna can be reached at TDN’s corporate offices, 541-744-6949 or email…click here